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Game-Changers for eLearning

Jul 27, 2018

Picture a group of people sitting in a classroom and listening to hours of lecture. Seems impossible to imagine in current times?
Do you think people have the luxury of time to sit through classroom trainings while pursuing a demanding job? If you think learning happens the same way as it used to a few years ago, you may want to think again! Learners across the globe have evolved, and so have the ways of learning. You don’t want to be stuck in a prehistoric era when technology has brought in improvements in digital learning.

Take note of these trends to stay ahead in the elearning game and provide impactful and engaging learning experiences to your learners..

People sit through 90-120 mins of video only in a movie theatre. On YouTube, a 12-minute video does not manage to retain viewers beyond about 3 minutes. In a survey, Wistia reports that for a video of 4-5 minutes, less than 60% of viewers will stay till the end; against 75% for a 1-2 minute video. The bottom line is, shorter videos work better than long endless lectures.

Be honest. Do you prefer sitting through a lecture or going through a video? It is pretty much obvious that learners today prefer to learn through videos than any other medium. According to a research done by Edgar Dale, learning retention is far higher for videos (close to 20%) than a lecture or a reading material. The impact of videos on today’s learners is huge as they encourage and grab the learner’s attention.

Virtual and Augmented Reality have been the trending topics for quite some time but have only recently gained more traction. Statistics show that the user base for AR/VR in different industries is increasing at an exponential rate. Elearning is not too far behind. Giving the learners a unique learning experience makes helps them retain the knowledge gained through an online course better.

Mobile learning
You must be in a parallel world if you haven’t realised the power of the mobile device. Even for elearning! 67% of people now use mobile devices to access learning. Mobiles are convenient devices to learn on while on the go.

Game-based Learning/Gamification
Talking of giving learners a unique learning experience, Gamification is no newcomer to the elearning scene. It has been a buzzword for a long time now. According to a survey, 80% of learners feel that learning will be more productive if it were more game-oriented.

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2021. Bodh All Rights Reserved
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